COVID - 19 Safety Protocol for Colombia Coffee Harvest Season

Colombia National Coffee Federation (FoNC) release COVID-19 Protocol to Face 2020 Harvest Peak.

 According to the Colombian National Coffee Federation (FoNC), coffee picking activities will not cease due to COVID19. Around 6.5 million sacs of coffee will be collected from March to June 2020, employing 135,000 specialized hand-pickers in the new declared National Coffee Belt (Huila, Tolima, Cauca, Nariño, Valle del Cauca, Putumayo & Caquetá).

coffee hand picker

More than 500,000 farming families who own coffee plantations in over 23 Colombian coffee regions, and their employees, must follow strict safety procedures to avoid the spread of the disease in the community.
In compliance with National Health Department, FoNC has just released the COVID-19 protocol for coffee-growers, a comprehensive and illustrated guideline covering the following main topics and protocols:

  • Hand washing protocols
  • Use of personal protective equipment (face masks, gloves, etc.)
  • Facility sanitizing procedures, especially common areas such as cafeterias, break rooms, dormitories, bathrooms and laundry areas
  • Quarantine and isolation protocols for pickers who are showing symptoms
  • Social distancing for foreign pickers
  • New ways to interact among employees (close greeting, handshaking and kiss-greetings are not allowed anymore)
  • It is also recommended all employees lead a healthy lifestyle

ripe beans coffee harvest

This document has been released at a time when Colombian coffee-growers are experiencing suitable prices per coffee load (125 kg parchment coffee) @ $1.165.000 COP ($300 USD) compared to 2018, where the load was between $850.000 to $900.000 COP.
Safety and health are being prioritized in the coffee industry through FoNC’s protocols, as essential activities must continue albeit the global situation. This is an important tool that can be followed at any roasting or food manufacturing facility. To read FoNC’s full comprehensive guideline, click here.

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